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We get it. Third-party endorsement has value. If you care to read what others have written about the Falls Village Inn, please, indulge yourself. No, really, go ahead. Yes, our ears are a little bit red…

Catch the Christmas Spirit

Connecticut Travel and Tourism Winter Destinations for 2018

The Falls Village Inn is recommended by the Connecticut Travel and Tourism page as a great winter escape.

Back From the Dark, With a Fairy Godmother’s Help

New York Times Travel article by Celia McGee

…That there was a hunger for “a kind of missing center of town” was more than apparent, said the noted graphic designer William Drenttel, who, with his wife and partner, Jessica Helfand, has a modernist home and studio nearby. But the inn has become something more. Opened in December with four upstairs guest rooms and a dining parlor and a tap room on the first floor (the large dining room bows on Sunday with the inn’s first brunch, and the rambling wraparound porch is scheduled for Memorial Day), it’s a pretty two-hour drive from Manhattan. And it has somehow joined itself seamlessly to the already considerable lures of the region…

America's Most Romantic Hotels

by Aimee Lee Ball, Stephanie Orma for Travel + Leisure Magazine

“…The dining room showcases the canvases of local artists, and casual table coverings are ripped from a fat roll of brown butcher paper. It takes a village to feed the crowds here: hamburgers are made from the grass-fed beef of nearby Whippoorwill Farm; carrot cake is supplied by a busboy’s mother; and on Fridays, weather permitting, a retired helicopter pilot from Sharon, CT, brings in 30 squirming specimens from Rosie the Lobster Lady. The Appalachian Trail is right outside the door, ready for snowshoeing, and the cascading falls that give the town its name are a short hike away. But Falls Village has an almost defiantly laid-back personality, conducive to indulgent sloth and going off the grid…”

Bed Hopping with Laura Linney

Condé Nast Traveller article by Francesca Babb (November 2016)

“If you like New England and are itching for some cider, or want to experience the psychedelic beauty of autumn foliage, this is where you need to be. Falls Village is the second smallest town in Connecticut and the hotel's restaurant and tap room are always packed with lively locals and visitors. The lobster mac ‘n’ cheese is not to be missed.”

With a little "Yelp" from our friends…

See what a bunch of happy people had to say about FVI!

“Love this place. It's beautiful, food is excellent, and the service friendly and accommodating. Nice big yard where my kid can run around. Get the Bang Bang Shrimp (listed as an appetizer, but enough for me for lunch), it reminds me of the scrumptious Rock Shrimp with Something Spicy Sauce from Nobu back in the day. Craving it now!”

Michael Trapp Interview for Serendipity Magazine

By Stephanie Horton

“Favorite Restaurant - The Falls Village Inn”

Inn season: autumn in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner

By Elizabeth Stanek for The Boston Globe

“…On a mild night guests dine under the blue and white awning on the side porch. Beer flows in the back tap room, with its old photos of the Skip Barber Racing School. Anyone is welcome to stop in for a pint and a Whippoorwill Farm grass-fed burger — even hikers right off the Appalachian Trail, which is just steps from the front door.”

Resurrected Falls Village Inn Now A 'Go To' Destination For Celebs, Locals

By MaryEllen Fillo for the Hartford Courant

“…We didn't want to scare people away with fine dining, but we wanted really good food and ambiance, she said. The restaurant offers a more formal dining room, balanced by al fresco seasonal dining on the expansive porch or a more casual dining experience in the clubby tavern room.…”

A Review of Falls Village Inn Restaurant (New York Times)

by Christopher Brooks

“…I was smitten by the Inn’s appetizers. Kale and white bean bruschetta — six thin slices of baguette topped with kale and beans — could not have been simpler, but with just the right amount of Parmesan, lemon juice and garlic permeating the beans and greens (chopped finely to minimize their coarse texture), this was a medley to savor. The same with the cauliflower bake, a variation on the classic artichoke dip. Nestled below a thin crust of toasted bread crumbs, this small casserole, a harmonious blend of leek, spuds and cauliflower laced with a judicious amount of blue cheese, is meant to be spread over bread and shared tableside. Neither too gooey nor too oily, I found it a true delight…”

Rural Intelligence

10 Things To Love About Falls Village by Kimberly Jordan Allen

2. The Falls Village Inn. Built 175 years ago, the inn rests at the heart of the small center of town and has been a significant part of its evolution. Four years ago, the Falls Village Inn was purchased, renovated and updated in a fresh, welcoming aesthetic. With the talent of local folks such as the Cockerlines and interior designer Bunny Williams, the inn was imbued with a new luster and has become the go-to watering hole. It features a welcoming front hall, freshly designed guest rooms, a taproom for more casual fare, and a wraparound porch and formal dining room. You can pop in for an organic, grass-fed burger, or linger over shepherd’s pie by the fireplace. The staff is always on-point and very kid-friendly. They always have crayons at the ready, and are willing to replace a spilled cranberry juice without blinking. It’s this kind of no-rush, hometown pace that keeps us coming back for more.

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